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Dear sirs, into the following pages, you can find interesting news about FA.RI. s.r.l., producer of fastening devices, market leader for fixing systems production.

Our targets

We are glad to introduce You our Companies called FA.RI and FA.RI INTERNATIONAL srl, located in the north of Italy, between Milano and Bergamo.
The above mentioned companies have an important position in the Italian and European fixing market thanks to their flexible structure and their ability to quickly satisfy the customers.
The experience of the staff grants a quality level of the products and a customer service higher than the average.
Recently we have introduced in our production a complete range of light and heavy anchors, cage nuts, blind nuts, special screws and tooling machines ( hand operated riveter, pneumo-hydraulic riveter and hand operated blind nuts tool ). All these products are joined with our ten years blind rivets production in all sizes, materials and colours.
This allows our customers to focus the complete purchase of fasteners on an unique supplier reducing the time of the material research and the purchase costs.
In this years we are trying to develop a sale net in Europe that support the distribution of our products in a more capillary way. FA.RI and FA.RI INTERNATIONAL are able to supply standard and also on drawing items thanks to our professonal technicians.
In order to have more information about us, You can check our web site www.fari.it where there will be our complete catalogue and the relative general prices ( without disocunts ).
You can find our companies also on the web site www.edilportale.it in which You can find the detailed product sheets for the building field.
We would like to inform You also that since 2007 we have obteined the ISO 9001:2000 and TUV certification that is the quality guarantee in the whole European market.